At a first glance, chiropractic may appear to be a radical new approach to pediatric health care.  However throughout its more than 100 year history, chiropractic has always included children amongst its growing number of patients.  In fact, chiropractic care has succeeded in restoring health to children, often in the face of traditional medicine’s failure to provide aneffective remedy.

The doctor of chiropractic seeks to restore optimal nervous system function, through the realignment of spinal vertebrae, thus affecting the entire performance of the body.  Through an appreciation of the influence of the nervous system’s ability to resist both bacterial and viral assaults on the body’s defenses, it is possible to understand the positive influence that chiropractic can have on the overall health of the patient; adult and children.

Because the normal physiology of the body is controlled by the nervous system, small misalignments of the bones in the spine can cause interference with this system.  This can affect the way the body functions. For example, malfunctioning spinal nerves can cause tight muscles in the neck, which in turn can block the flow of fluid from the middle ear.  Young children are already predisposed to insufficient drainage through the Eustachian tube due to its more horizontal alignment.

Falls, bumps, and bruises… Do they affect my child’s long-term health? Each day patients explain how the pain in their neck, knees or low back began as a child. Many patients even remember the exact incident… Falling from a tree, being hit in football, jumping out of a swing, falling off a bicycle, etc.

Can falls, bumps and bruises affect my child’s long term health? The answer, is YES! Most misalignments in the spine occur before the age of 11 and get worse in time if untreated. Childhood injuries begin when children learn to walk, fall on their bottoms, learn ride a bicycle and during their daily play.

Injuries in children are very common. Chiropractors across the world HELP thousands of children each day with gentle, natural care.

Childhood health problems such as colic, earaches, bed wetting and asthma are just a few of the conditions for which chiropractors have often been able to find solutions.

Upset Stomach

Few children escape “tummy aches” during their formative years. Due in a large part to the ever-stressful activities which youngsters engage in, it is quite likely that those nerves which lead from the spinal cord the stomach may be “pinched” in the course of activity play, resulting in upset stomach (cramps, pain, or vomiting). Your Doctor of Chiropractic knows how to examine, locate the subluxation, and then administer gentle adjustments to bring relief from this problem.


When the immune system overreacts to an allergen, it produces too much of the neutralizing chemicals to counteract it and thus causes an allergic reaction. There are many everyday substances that contain allergens suck=h as dust, pollen, cat or dog dander, milk products, soap and even foods like chocolate and strawberries. A Chiropractor can perform and adjustment to correct nerve interference that may cause the immune system to overreact.


A widespread program of drugging overactive children with dangerous sedatives has been carried out in some of our nation’s schools. Many of these nervous, hyperactive children suffer this condition as the result of “hidden” spinal injuries that  cause interference within the nervous system, producing tension and excessive excitability. By consulting with a Doctor of Chiropractic, your child may be helped without the use of dangerous drugs, some of which may even be addictive.


Many children are punished for bed-wetting when this is actually beyond their conscious control. Medication may help temporarily, but the chiropractor realizes that the muscles guarding the opening from the bladder are weakened and may be the cause of the problem. Through careful, gentle spinal adjustments, normal nerve supply is restored to these muscles. Removing nerve interference or irritation will allow healthy tissue and muscles to function properly as nature intended without medication.

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