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Aracely Gomez

Dr. Bravo and her staff work tirelessly to ensure your top quality of care is being met. As an avid weight lifter and someone with an overall active life style my body is always in need of a good “reset”. Dr. Bravo assess my overall mobility and understands the statins I put on my body on a daily basis. With that being said, she gives her recommendation on how I can improve my mobility and even educates me on how I can avoid possible injuries.

I currently go in 2-3 times a month for overall wellness and I can see a significant change in how my body recovers after a strenuous workout.

If you are in need of a new chiropractor or have been on the fence of “needing” chiropractic care in your life, take this review as a sign and make an appointment.

Yadani Cortez
I’ve been coming to A Family Chiropractic for close to a year now and I’ve loved it. They offer several therapies not only adjustments which have all helped with my aches and pains. Dr. Bravo has treated me throughout my whole pregnancy and I feel completely safe in her hands. Love the office space and staff is very nice.

Luis Ortega
I’ve had nothing but great experiences every time I go in for an adjustment at A Family Chiropractic. The staff is always friendly and treat you like family. Super low wait times, if any and the rooms are always very clean. Dr. Bravo is amazing! She is always nice and tries to get to know you not just as a patient but as a friend. Overall, I would recommend A Family Chiropractic to any of my friends or family.



I have been seeing Dr. Murphy for almost a year now and have only had positive experiences. There staff has always been compassionate and accommodating, even if I come in upset after work or have to change my schedule at the last minute.
One of the first things Dr. Snyder told me was that I have ankles that are turned in and that I needed orthotics. While this may seem like an unexpected expense initially, since I bought the orthotic ($20-30) and a couple new shoes, it made a world of difference. It was especially surprising since my primary care and former physical therapist did not tell me that I could easily correct this issue with shoe inserts.
Dr. Murphy is always super nice and explains what is going on with my back and knee. She is always open to listening and checking me out again if I still have any problem areas. Her touch is firm and confident but still gentle and pain free. 
I have had no doubts about recommending Dr. Murphy to my friends and the public.

Sonia G.



I recently went to this chiropractor which was highly recommended by a few people at work. I don’t usually go to chiropractors, but for some reason I was having some back pain from my job. I’m usually afraid of getting adjusted and it terrifies me to hear things crack and pop.

With Dr. Murphy I felt very comfortable. The getting adjusted part wasn’t bad at all. She explained everything she was doing before actually doing them. So it took my nervousness away. And last, she didn’t have me doing things or coming in a lot if it wasn’t needed. She even gave me some helpful suggestions and advice on some stretches I could do to prevent coming back to the Chiropractor.

Happy to say the pain went away completely within the week. Thank you Dr. Murphy!

Marilyn J.


They are absolutely fantastic at this office.  They have a very flexible schedule and both Dr. Snyder and Dr. Murphy accommodate my constantly changing appointments.  

While they prescribe a course of action to keep your body in good shape, they understand life happens and never make you feel guilty.  Instead, they always recommend new, good, simple habits to add which can reduce tension/pain and improve your quality of living.

Farman S.


Both Dr. Juli Snyder and Dr. Jennifer Murphy are excellent chiropractors. They are thoughtful, attentive, extremely knowledgable, and great listeners. I started coming here when I was 7 months pregnant, and they couldn’t be more prenatal-friendly at this office! They will even watch your kids during your appointment, for FREE. That was a huge plus for me; no need to find a babysitter. They also have an adorable puppy that’s sometimes there, which my toddler loves. 

My first visit was with Dr. Murphy, and she immediately noticed a ton of things that my former chiropractor never mentioned. She had lots of great suggestions on how to improve my pain level OUTSIDE the office (e.g. types of exercises, special arch support inserts, and a belly band).

My next visit was with Dr. Snyder, and she was very intent on explaining to me the anatomy of why I was feeling the way I did. It clarified so much for me, and I was so grateful she took the time to do that. She didn’t act like she was in a huge hurry.

The staff is incredibly friendly. They do everything they can to make you feel comfortable. I also had an emergency and had to miss an appointment once, and they waived the late cancellation fee without question. They just treat you like a human being–refreshing!

Henry, the massage therapist, is very talented, but I think he talks a bit too much. I want my massages to be relaxing, but whatever 🙂 he’s still awesome and very good as what he does. Oh, and if you’re pregnant you can still be on your BELLY during the massage because they have a special maternity pillow. I love it! Go here!!

Christie D.


I can’t believe I never thought to write this review sooner!  I have been going to Dr. S since fall of 2001, and have been every week or two since with few exceptions.  I had a bad fall when I was 13 and lived with back pain every single day for the next 13 years until a few months into treatment with Dr. S, I suddenly noticed that it didn’t hurt anymore.  Like Google, I cannot fathom my life without Quality chiropractic care now that I have it, and this office delivers.

She has seen me through two pregnancies, open heart surgery, an abdominal surgery, and countless tweaks and twists that caused me pain or required special care.  She has adjusted my children shortly after birth and whenever they get out of balance, and has brought my husband back from a few injuries.

Her office staff is kind and helpful, and 99% of the time, the office runs like a well-engineered machine.  They work with insurance companies, and have reasonable cash rates as well. 

I have seen the office go through a few second-doctors, usually younger or recently graduated, and a problem I have had with them is that they simply do not have the mass or strength to adjust me.  I am a big woman, and it can take some force to give me a good adjustment.  (One poor girl, years ago, couldn’t have weighed more than 90 pounds, and even standing on a step stool and six months pregnant, she didn’t have the weight to adjust my hips.) Dr. Snyder is a strong lady, so no worries there.  And the current second-doctor is the best they’ve had, and surely a keeper.  Dr. Murphy, though not very big, can somehow conjure the force to adjust even my most stubborn joints.  She is also amazing with my neck; her fingers kind of sweet-talk the muscles into surrendering the offending bones up for correction.  She has been there for a long time now, and I certainly hope she never leaves. (If you have an issue with seeing a different doctor, ask for their schedule, as each doctor does adjustments on different days.)

Oh, Henry.  Massage.  Good.

What is most valuable to the office, however, is the culture.  They are like a family, and they treat the patients like family.  You are remembered, listened to, asked after, sent cards on birthdays and anniversaries.  You are welcome to bring your kids and your dogs, and I even saw a kitten in there once.  In fact, the office has its own friendly little dog.  If your new baby is screaming and all you want is twenty minutes of peace while you get your poor abused body adjusted, they will walk your baby up and down the hallway singing to it so you can have your treatment.  It is a culture of love and health, and you can’t ask for a better atmosphere in which to have your body cared for.



A+ Amazing! My left hip was in a lot of pain from what seemed to be an exercise related injury. I had been in pain for several days and it was not getting any better. I  scheduled an appointment with my MD, but it was still days before I would be seen. I contacted Dr. Snyder’s office and they got me in that afternoon. After evaluation, they did some ultra sound, an adjustment, and K tape, I left feeling significantly better, and by the next morning the pain was completely gone! Both Dr. Snyder and her staff  were very friendly, professional and informative. From myself, my SI joint and my piriformis muscle  –  a great big THANK YOU!

Frances T.


I have a double curve in my spine and have been hospitalized once for it.  I started seeing Dr. Snyder more than 10 years ago and my back issues are completely under control – you would never guess I was a chronic back pain case.
She is on time 99% of the time (more often than I am on time) and I rarely have to wait more than a minute or two to get to see her.
The treatment is very relaxing!  It starts with treatments that help my muscles relax, then Dr. S. adjusts me then I get a couple more relaxing treatments and I head out the door feeling great.  
I travel an hour each way to see her because it has been so effective.  Try her once, you’ll never go anywhere else.

Bruce Y.


My sciatica (left) started 2 months ago.  I was hoping it would go away on its own.  I never tried chiropractic before (did physical therapy a few times for the lower back pain), but desperate measures for desperate times!  I saw Dr. Snyder and Dr. Murphy last Thursday, Friday, this past Monday and today.  Massaging, K-tape, stretching, none seemed to help much so far, and just when I started to doubt the treatment benefit, the X-ray film (Dr. Snyder ordered) came.  Dr. Snyder studied the film and shared her findings with me patiently.  She told me to start 3 things immediately: an extra shoe-pad(?) for my left shoe, lower back pump(?), and calcium (long-term)…

With the shoe-pad, I was able to complete my routine after-lunch walk for the 1st time in 2 months!  I know this is just the beginning, but I am full of joy for not having to suffer the severe pain!  This clinic has earned my trust and respect for sure!!

Toni S.


As a nurse and (hobby) weightlifter I put a lot of stress on my body and Dr. Snyder has never disappointed in helping to keep me in optimum health. Her adjustments are INCREDIBLE. She has a knack for finding that sweet spot and aligning me just right. I always leave feeling  relieved and rejuvenated.

Not only is she the best at what she does professionally, but she is one of the kindest people I know. Her staff is  equally friendly and professional, always greeting me with warm smiles and eagerly answering any questions I may have.

I recommend Dr. S to all of my friends and family. My mother in law and grandmother in law also share in my love for Dr. S. When my grandmother moved away one of her biggest complaints was that she wans’t going to be able to see Dr. S anymore. She tried a few Chiro’s in her area but never felt she got the same quality of care. She now drives all the from Manteca to see her favorite Chiro, and I think that about sums it up. Great doc, wonderful person, lovely office. Thank you Dr. S!

Rebecca V.



I have been getting chiropractic care since the 90’s.  Dr. Snyder has adjusted me as well as my three children since they were less than a month old!  I have seen her do amazing things.  I will always remember one of her patients telling me she travels from Sac to get her TMJ treated and she can finally open her mouth wide enough to eat a sandwich!  Another patient of hers was telling me he avoided surgery for lack of hearing from her!  Amazing stuff!  Not only is she an amazing provider, she will spoil you like no other chiro I have been to.  Lots of TLC there, almost like a mini spa treatment.  Much love to her and her staff.  Sarah L

Traci B.


The best Chiropractor!!  I am so grateful that I found Dr. Snyder.  
She is cheerful and the most caring person that I have ever known.  

I started to go when I was 6 month pregnant and it has helped me so much.  I had a severe neck and back pain and my right hand became numb.   Not only it relieved my pain but my labor only took 20 mins!!!  Now I have a healthy boy who loves seeing her.  My son is now 17 weeks and he also gets adjusted.  Thanks to her adjustments he never had any ear infections and healthy as ever.  😀

And all of her staff is sweet and very helpful!  They take care of my son when I’m getting adjusted. Thank you girls!  If it wasn’t for you girls I would have to hire a baby sitter to get adjusted. 🙂  

If you are pregnant I would diff go see her, it would help you with your back pain and labor for sure!

Jane B.


Dr. Snyder is a great chiropractor! I found her because, at the time, she was in-network for my insurance. Since then, the office has stopped taking my insurance, but I still go and pay full price to see her because she knows how to crack my back flawlessly and my back loves her for that because I do have scoliosis. My back has improved tremendously ever since I started seeing Dr. Synder at the end of December of 2010.

Not only is she a bone cracking master, but she is a bright and cheery person. It is sort of addicting!!! She’s always in a great mood and that really helps after a long day at work.

She is so knowledgeable in her field! I always look forward to new advice from her in terms of what I should do for this acute back of mine. Thanks a lot, Dr. Synder! =)

Jewel N.


Both chiropractors are wonderful, honest, and very knowledgable! I want after a car accident and they had me feeling great. They are also very understanding about schedule changes and last minute cancellations. And a big plus: dog friendly office!

Libby T.



I never give 5 stars but dr Snyder is fantastic. I’ve been going to chiropractors for 40 years and finally found Dr Snyder many years ago and I’m sticking with her! She takes care of not only my back but shoulders wrist knees ankles etc…



I’ve been going to Dr. Snyder for over 2 years. Billing has always been easy-their staff is diligent about letting you know what is covered and what is not. Just ask-its okay to ask.

I’ve learned to better maintain myself-simple tasks as stretching and keeping hydrated, and for all my other needs like my back injuries from stress, work, auto-accidents, knee injury, loose ligament, sleeping funny, or just getting old… they help me.

Dr. Snyder makes you feel welcome. I know I’ll be in great in care as long as she’s around.

Snyder & Murphy helped me out with my TMJ, and showed me stretches to alleviate the lock and pain.

They have massage therapist there too. Always good to know they have appointments available after I come back from a business trip. Hotel beds are never the same as the one you sleep on regular bases (home).

Thank you!

Holly W.



**** Dr. Snyder is fantastic!  After moving to San Jose from the Los Altos area I had to find a new chiropractor.  I’m pretty picky (I’ve only let three chiropractors work on my neck) but I’ve been coming here every other week for about two years now.  Juli Snyder is an extremely outgoing and caring practitioner who will make you feel right at home.  From travel tips to health tips I always pick up something new when I visit the office.



 I’ve been a patient of Dr. Snyder’s for over 15 years now and highly recommend her!! There are so many great things to say about Dr. Snyder and her staff that I don’t know where to begin. I love that she treats your issue and then gives you a follow-up plan (exercises, hot/cold therapy, stretches) to help you continue on your road to wellness. Without even telling her where your experiencing pain, she is able to locate the source and sometimes even knows how it may have happened, thus helping you from repeating the injury. It’s obvious she continues to educate herself in all aspects of health, which helps her to provide you with the treatment plan that is specific for you and not a “one size fits all” that some Chiropractors do. Oh, and the genuine kindness Dr. Snyder and her well-trained staff exhibit is an added bonus!


Dr. Juli Snyder has changed my life.  Seems a little extreme, however it’s true.  I have had chronic back pain since I was a teenager.  I have been to several chiropractors in the past and Dr. Snyder is the BEST.



I’ve been seeing Dr. Snyder for over 5 years now.  I’ve had 3 other chiropractors & none of them are even in the same league as Dr. Snyder.  She is hands down, simply the best there is!  I started seeing her when I was 8 months pregnant with my first child & she also adjusted me throughout my 2nd pregnancy.  Through both my pregnancies she gave me a ton of useful advice that I never got from my OB.  After the birth of my 2nd child, my ribs were also messed up & Dr. Snyder fixed those too!

Some chiropractors leave you feeling worse then before you came in.  Dr. Snyder does some amazing moves that make you feel soooooo good!!!  She is a great doctor & has helped me with so much–pregnancies, hip problems, knee problems, rib problems, sinus infections, migraines,  even very helpful advice on how to stay sane while raising 2 young kids!!!  I feel extremely confidant that I can come to Dr. Snyder about anything & she can help me through it.

There is another doctor that works with Dr. Snyder, but I think she is pretty fresh out of school, so she doesn’t have near the experience that Dr. Snyder does.  Just be sure to ask to see Dr. Snyder.  Also, make sure you understand what your insurance covers BEFORE you go in there.  That way there are no surprises & you don’t take it out on the staff.  It’s not their fault what your insurance does & does not cover.  Dr. Snyder’s staff is the friendliest & most knowledgeable staff I’ve encountered.  If you have questions about your treatment plan, ASK!!!  Getting adjusted isn’t like getting a massage.  Dr. Snyder sets up your treatment plan for a reason.  It’s for your health & well being.  Trust me, Dr. Snyder knows her stuff.  I hope we never have to move out of Silicon Valley, because I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Dr. Snyder.  She’s a miracle worker & I’m so thankful I found her!!!!!

Shannon M.


I was desperate to find some relief from the severe neck pain I had for years. I tried Dr Snyder based on Yelp reviews and I am happy and GREATFUL to say the reviews were spot on! I was afraid to get my neck adjusted (just being wimpy) but she does it in a way that is relaxing and easy. I feel waaaay better and am happier too!

Sarah L.


On recommendation from a friend I started seeing Dr. Snyder- she is amazing!  My back thanks me- as well as my dog.  
Yes, that right- they love pets!
The staff is really kind, and they make the enviroment really warm.  great place, I highly refer!

Irene Y.


Dr Snyder is an amazing chiropractor.  She is really really good at what she does.  Back pain, neck pain — she can fix it.  Severe back pain takes about 3 visits for me to feel a lot better.
Thanks, Dr Snyder!

-Ann M.


***** You all rock.  Thanks for all the help and kindness.

– Gary

***** Thanks for all the care and keeping me on my feet during pregnancy.

– Leena

***** You are my family savior.  You helped my father, my wife, daughter and me.  It is deeply appreciated.


***** Dr Snyder is fantastic. I’ve been a patient of her’s for years and she has helped my back recover from some really stupid injuries. She’s also got spunk and spirit that you just can’t find anywhere else. Her staff is great; they are all really friendly, polite, and caring. I also really love that they are affordable, take all sorts of insurance, and will really work with you if you don’t have insurance. They offer chiropractic as well as massage. Bring your kids, bring your dog, they are good like that.



***** I’m sticking with DrSnyder.   I’ve tried 6 other chiropractors over the past few years and no one takes care of my pain better than DrSnyder and her crew.  I’m on the paranoid side and the idea of someone cracking my neck would terrify me.  I’d stiffen up like a corpse and it would hurt even more when my neck was crack because I tensed up.  DrSnyder completely takes my mind off the neck cracking part.  Her staff is always professional and in the past 7-8 years that I’ve been going to her, I’ve never had a billing issue, regardless of insurance status.  They make scheduling and paying hassle free.



***** It’s always so nice to feel that you care about your patients. It’s comfortable to come here.  Thanks for the loving care and good information you can help me with.  I depend a lot on your knowledge of natural healing.  Thanks again.


***** Wow! You are all so nice and sweet.  You are always here when I need you.  With all my heart, I love you all!  Thank you.


***** You have been such a great blessing, thank you.


***** I would like to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to help me feel better!  I enjoy the environment that you and your staff create in the office.  I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me.


***** Thank you Dr. Snyder for helping my mom thru her pregnancy.


***** Thank you so much for all your love and kindness.  You have helped me on many levels.  I came to you looking for a great Chiropractor to help me heal after a horrible car accident.  You gave me that help and much much more.  You are the best.

-Dr David

***** I get regular oil changes for my car… I water my house plants and yard regularly…I take good care of my teeth and gums… so why do I think my body is not worhy of regualr care?  You and your staff remind me how important “check ins” are for my back and neck, yet I always wait until I’m in lots of pain to visit.  Each time, you care for ourselves as much as you and your staff does.  Thank you for the health and many great lessons.


***** I’m grateful for people like you who listen and take the time to explain my back problems.



***** Thanks to everyone in the office for all your care and kindness with our whole family!  I don’t even want to consider how miserable pregnancy could have been without regular adjustments.


***** Thank you for your special care and support throughout my pregnancy.


***** Thank you so much for your wonderful treatment.  I do not know what I would have done without you.  I am feeling so much better now and it is all because of you.  Please accept this card as a token of my gratitude.  I can tell your truly enjoy both your profession and helping people because it is clearly reflected in your personality.  Send my praises to your compassionate staff; they are great as well.  Thank you again!


***** Thank you so much for helping me be pain free!


*****I just wanted to relay to all a very, very heartfelt thank you to you all!  When I came to the office just a year ago, I felt like a very different person altogether.  Not a 20 something year old but more like an 80 year old– unhealthy and wracked with pain that I didn’t understand.  It was inhibiting my life and my ability to enjoy many things.  I feel that I can credit the treatment I’ve received with changing that, returning to me so many things– just the ability to stand and walk without pain.  I don’t think I could have lost those 35 lbs unless it was for chiropractic help.  I could go on – but simply put – thank you, thank you, thank you.


***** Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and support.  I am grateful for you as a person, friend, doctor and for your kindness!  You are a special person.  Thank you as always.-Terry

****** Thanks for your help.  I feel much better.


***** Thank you for your wonderful treatment.  After every visit, I feel significantly better than before.  Keep up the good work.


***** Thank you very much for your service.


***** You are my hero!  You have saved my body so many times and I’m sure there will be more to come.  You have a great staff and they are so very helpful!!  Without your treatment I know I would not be able to do the things I do!  Your work is the best.


***** Thank you so much.  My ankle feels better.


***** Thank you!  Thank you for getting me to the finish line!!  I finished the race and was feeling great!  Thank you for helping me achieve my personal goal.


***** Thank you all for being so great to Ada and I on our visits.  We really love that your office is so comfortable for mommies and babies.  We look forward to our visits.


**** Thank you for all your help.  I feel a lot better!


***** Truly every day feels like thanksgiving when I see you all.  From the big smiles and warmth to the pain relief and laughs, you do give a lot, all year through.  You’re appreciated in many ways!